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      1.      智慧水务是以综合管理信息平台为核心,以GIS技术为基础,将各类基础资料数据和业务运营数据,抽取并集中传递到数据库中,进行信息交换和通讯,对水务公司所涉及的业务信息进行全面的信息化整合,形成对企业内部的系统数字网络化管理、服务与决策的信息体系,最终实现信息智能化识别、定位、跟踪、监控、计算、管理、模拟、预测和管理。智慧水务的实现,能以更加精细、动态、智能的方式进行水务的管理、服务、决策工作,协助水务管理达到智慧状态。     
                Intelligent water supply is to extract various basic information and data and business operation data and concentrate to transmit them to the database with comprehensive management information platform as the core and GIS technology as the foundation and then form systematic digital network management for internal enterprises, and the information system of service and decision-making by means of information exchange and communication and carrying out overall information integration for the business information involved in water supply company and finally realize information intelligent recognition, positioning, tracing, monitoring, computing, management, emulation, prediction and management. The implementation of intelligent water supply can carry out management, service and decision-making of water supply in a more exquisite, dynamic and intelligent mode to assist the water supply management to reach the status of intelligence.
         智慧水务综合业务应用系统Intelligent water supply comprehensive business application system 

        水资源管理  Water resources management

        防汛指挥    Flood-proof commanding

        供水管理    Water supply management

        排水管理    Drainage management

        农水管理    Management of farmland irrigation and water conservancy

        水质采集    Water quality acquisition

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